Terms of service

Upload permissions

PlayBuffer is a free video platform that allows you to upload videos with a maximum duration of 60 minutes and/or 1GB of disk space.

PlayBuffer is not currently an open platform for all video producers. The choice of who can upload videos to our platform is chosen by our editing team.


All producers have exclusive rights to the videos they upload to PlayBuffer and are responsible for them.

All producers who upload videos to PlayBuffer are fully responsible for non-infringement of copyright.

PlayBuffer platform reserves the right to delete any content that it believes violates copyright, without requiring any authorization from the user who uploaded it.

PlayBuffer reserves the right to prohibit the uploading of videos to any user/producer who has violated any copyright law.

Prohibited Content

At PlayBuffer is strictly prohibited the publication of video content that:

- Contain pornography;

- Contain violent scenes and / or incite violence;

- Contain obscene or defamatory language with others.